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Free PDF files for Kids, Parents and Teachers

Bas Relief, LLC is committed to supporting classrooms, organizations and individuals exploring the natural world. This Page provides links to PDF files that may be useful for anyone using Bas Relief, LLC product or using monarch butterflies in the classroom or at home. Scroll down to find free PDF file Parent Teacher guides, posters and coloring pages.

Monarch Come Play with MeParent/Teacher Guide for Monarch Come Play with Me,
Click on the link below.


A Parent Teacher Guide to Monarch Come Play with Me.







A movie on the Monarch Life Cycle and Migration is on Youtube

Free PDF files on the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Bring Back the Monarchs
Plant Milkweed!

Monarch Life Cyle Coloring Pages

Go to Plant Milkweed Coloring Pages

Plant  Milkweed Complex  Coloring page Plant Milkweed Simple Coloring page

Go to Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Posters Page

Monarch Life Cycle Posters



Bring Back the Monarchs — Plant Milkweed, Monarch Life Cycle Coloring Page

There are two versions of this coloring page. They are free to use. Hoping to make folks more aware of Monarchs, Milkweed and the World We Depend On.

Download Plant Milkweed, Monarch Life Cyle Coloring page Simple Version

Coloring page simple version

Download Plant Milkweed, Monarch Life Cyle Coloring page Complex Version

Coloring Page complex

Six Free PDF Posters on the Monarch Life Cycle at About Monarchs

Monarch Magic Game Card and Coloring Page

Check out the Coloring Page and Card in Color below or if you live in the desert, check out Desert Monarch Magic below that. Enjoy learning about monarchs in your own area!

Monarch Magic Coloring PageDownload Monarch Magic as a coloring page and monarch experience record









Monarch Magic in ColorDownload the Monarch Magic Card in color










Desert Monarch Magic Coloring Page

Different species of milkweed (Asclepias) grow in different habitats. There are milkweeds that grow in wet places, milkweeds that thrive in open fields, disturbed areas or woodlands, and milkweeds that grow in the desert. The milkweed in the cards above is Common Milkweed (A. syriaca) that is found all over the east coast and into the midwest. Working with Gail Morris in Arizona, I have developed a version of Monarch Magic with monarchs on desert milkweed (A. subulata) for folks living in desert areas. You can download these cards to use at home or in your classroom or monarch program. Enjoy learning about monarchs in your own area!

Desert Monarch MagicDownload Desert Monarch Magic coloring page.











Desert Monarch Magic in colorDownload Desert Monarch Magic in color.